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The S93

This plane has firmly established itself as a fine lecture hall plane, floating down right to the front many a time. Hence we have given it the name S93 as this is (or rather, was) our academic year's name. Apparently it's known as the "floater plane" in Israel.

 It will also fly well as a dart , you just have to play around with it (see the Tips section)


Here goes.....

 Take a piece of A4 paper, and fold length-ways, and open out. It helps if you make this fold both ways, that is, fold it towards you once, then unfold and fold away from you, and then open out. This will help in the later stages.


 Make 45 degree folds to the centre as shown.


 Fold down the top as shown, the gap between the folds made in II and the new fold is about 2cm.


 Now make 45 degree folds again.


 There should now be a small triangle of paper sticking out, fold this upwards to ?seal? the folds made in IV.


 Now fold the plane back on itself along the fold made in step I.


 Fold down as shown to make wings. You should make the wings he same size as the fuselage, by folding them down to it.


 The wings can now be folded out to plane shape. The wings should be above level to make the plane fly, lots above level for flights starting from a height, like a lecture hall.


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edited by kuldip narayan